Exploring the Platform of « Notre Gardienne » with a Twist

In this video, the speaker offers a brief tour of the new platform, Notre Gardienne. The platform has been in development for about ten months and is now finally available for use. The creator chose an organic marketing strategy that promises no hype or selling. The focus is on making the experience of learning fun and interactive.

What is Notre Gardienne?

The speaker describes Notre Gardienne as a platform that mixes their passions for blockchain technology, gaming, and creating better solutions for developers. It offers a non-custodial platform for staking and programming. Notre Gardienne is packaged in an interface that resembles role-playing games like Diablo.

Using Notre Gardienne

After the initial introduction, users can access the platform’s FAQ page and legal information. To log in, users must connect their Web3 wallet, which is a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Users can then sharpen their programming skills and compete in various programming disciplines like design patterns and programming.

Creating a User-Friendly Platform

Notre Gardienne aims to create a user-friendly platform that respects the user’s privacy throughout the learning process. All the users need to connect their wallet and start using the platform.

The Future of Notre Gardienne

Notre Gardienne offers a unique experience for users to learn and compete in different domains like programming and design patterns. The platform promises exciting updates in the coming months, with some surprises in store for users. So, users should look forward to discovering these new features themselves.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-11-28 13:00:05 | Durée : 01:05:36

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