Kyle Simony, general partner at Multicoin Capital, gave an interview discussing his journey into the crypto industry and the investment strategies of his firm. Multicoin Capital, a venture and hedge fund, manages a few billion dollars in assets across various funds. Simony grew up around software and computers, programming from age 10, and later studying finance at NYU, where he met Tushar Jain, his co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin. The two bonded over their shared passion for software and finance. After college, Simony started a health IT startup, which was unsuccessful, and then discovered Ethereum in 2016. Ethereum’s intrinsic extensibility compared to existing payment structures impressed Simony, and his interest in the crypto space grew from there.

In May of 2017, Simony and Jain launched Multicoin Capital, and by October of that year, they had launched their hedge fund. Their first venture fund was added in July 2018, and they are now deploying their second venture fund. They have 12 full-time employees and are growing. The main focus of their firm is researching and learning about the crypto space, which has given them a strong reputation as investors.

When discussing the oversubscription of early round investment opportunities, Simony mentioned that while the fund is open to capital from potential investors, their venture funds are closed, and they are not actively soliciting interest for their hedge funds either. Their venture funds are small, with a $100 million capacity, and their hedge funds primarily aim to be long on assets that are already liquid and trading, using Coinmarketcap’s list as their investable universe. Their hedge fund is denominated in dollars, and they benchmark against Bitcoin.

Simony admitted to being a long-term investor with Multicoin Capital, allowing their core investment theses to play out. Helium and Solana are among the assets in which they have invested across all three of their funds. Solana, in particular, stood out to them due to a pitch focused on Nasdaq for blockchain. Though such pitches often seem cliche, Jain and Raj’s backgrounds were strong enough to capture Simony’s attention. They impressed him with their ability to maintain Nasdaq speed on a blockchain, leading to Multicoin Capital’s investment in Solana.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2021-07-19 21:24:30 | Durée : 00:39:50

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