Brian Crane, Co-founder of Chorus One was interviewed by a podcaster. He started the Berlin Bitcoin meet up in 2013 and the podcast “Epicenter” with Sebastian Couture in 2014. Crane has been in the crypto space since 2013, working with tendermint, Ethereum, and chorus one. Crane’s interest has always been in the liberty idea and economy while searching for ways to contribute to creating something new. Chorus One was created in 2017, which is now one of the top standing providers in the proof of stake (PoS) space. In this interview, Crane talks about Chorus One and its journey, including the hardships, victories, and points of standing out.

Starting with Monax, Crane’s first employer in the blockchain industry, they built permissioned blockchains on top of Ethereum in 2015. The company found tendermint, which was a white paper at that time, and hired Ethan Buckman. Buckman left and became the CTO of tendermint later on, but Monax didn’t go far in the enterprise blockchain space, and Crane moved on to work with tendermint and Cosmos.

Chorus One’s journey began with the acquisition of their first customer, Cosmos. Chorus One’s main focus was on validation; they wanted to provide a reliable, resilient, and secure network. The hardest part was building trust with other validators and the Cosmos community. It took time and effort to gather the funds needed for staking. But once they had established themselves, it wasn’t long before Solana reached out to them. They were given the opportunity to help with the early network, along with the likes of Polychain, and began building out their infrastructure.

Chorus One aims to help the blockchain industry by validating networks and lowering the entry barrier to staking. They want to encourage small individuals to stake as well and empower people to be more involved in the process. With the passion for blockchain, they aim to create a more decentralized future where people have control of their data and financial freedom.

Brian Crane continues to contribute to the blockchain world. He believes that blockchain can change the world for good by decentralizing power structures and democratizing financial services. In this interview, Crane shares his journey and experiences, leaving us with the belief that blockchain can improve people’s lives.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2021-12-17 18:37:40 | Durée : 00:45:22

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