PMU launches stable project in Web 3 world

The PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) has recently launched a new project, called the Stable, in the world of Web 3. Constantin Garreau, the Director of Innovation at PMU, has been working on the project for three weeks. The Stable brings the world of horse racing to a new generation in a virtual way.

PMU is known as a French institution that can be found in bars throughout the country. But with the arrival of the Stable, PMU has made a leap onto blockchain and the Tezos network. It is a massive project with the aim of reaching new players and demographics.

The Stable arrives in the Web 3 world with humility and transparency. It merges the worlds of virtual and reality as players can own a digital horse, which is tied to its real-world counterpart. The horse’s performance in reality will influence the digital game and its performance. The purpose of the Stable is to also help finance the horse racing industry, providing enough support for all involved.

Comparisons to games like Sorare, which focuses on the NFT collectibles of real-world soccer players, is not accurate. The team behind the Stable wants to go deeper than just producing a collectible game. They want to make sure that there is substance and depth in the game.

The Stable project is still in its early stages, but the team has big plans. The roadmap for the project will be detailed in the near future. The PMU has already digitalized its brand, but the Stable is a leap into the future and an indication of PMU’s embracing of new technology.

Constantin Garreau, Director of Innovation, once the Director of Digital at PMU, has been pushing for the Stable since he joined the organization. The launch of the Stable is a result of Garreau’s efforts and devotion to the project.

In conclusion, PMU has taken the horse racing industry to a new level with the Stable. The project aims to reach new audiences and provide a high-quality gaming experience. With the Blockchain and Tezos network, the Stable is a symbol of the evolution and progress of the French company.

Source : Cryptoast | Date : 2023-02-12 17:00:05 | Durée : 00:32:55

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