Gala Games: Revolutionizing Web 3 Gaming

Gala Games is a company that aims to be a force for good and the respected Web 3 leader of entertainment. Their mandate is to work across all entertainment verticals, including gaming, film, and music. The company has 450 employees internally and several thousand employees in third-party studios working on games.

Blockchain Gaming vs. Web 2 Gaming

Blockchain gaming differs from Web 2 gaming because it includes the idea of player ownership and player agency. In Web 2 gaming, players may spend tons of time and money on a game, but they don’t own any of the things in the game. Gala Games believes players should own the stuff they buy or earn in a game, which is why they’re building ways to bring Web 2 gamers into Web3.

Best Games at Gala Games

One of the best games at Gala Games is Last Expedition. Developed by industry veterans who previously built the multiplayer sides of the last Halo and Call of Duty, Last Expedition is a PVP PVE type game set on an alien planet where players collect resources and fight off monsters while trying to gain access to a specific artifact. The game features choices where players can opt for crafting additional armor and better weapons, or try to carry off resources by themselves, reducing their chances of surviving.

Multi-Chain Future

The future of gaming seems to be multi-chain. Gala Games supports the ethereum network, polygon, and BNB chain, and soon they will launch their L1, which will bridge out to all these places.

The Future of Film Industry

Gallif Films, Gala Games’ film production company, aims to disrupt the film industry. The film industry is distributed primarily through dsps like Spotify and Netflix, but Gallif Films aims to offer an alternative way for independent filmmakers to bring their projects to a larger audience.


Gala Games is revolutionizing Web 3 gaming with their belief that players should own the stuff they buy or earn in a game, and their focus on bringing Web 2 gamers into Web3. With 28 games currently in development, including Last Expedition, Gala Games is set to make Web 3 gaming about games players actually want to play. Similarly, Gallif Films is set to disrupt the film industry by offering independent filmmakers an alternative distribution channel. The future of gaming and film may be multi-chain, but Gala Games and Gallif Films are leading the way in this revolution.

Source : Coin Station | Date : 2022-09-23 15:38:59 | Durée : 00:19:22

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