Starware Exploration Lead Abdelhamid Barta shares his insights on Ripple and other blockchain solutions in this live video. He first provides context on the history of StarkNet, a construction of mathematics that enables the ability to prove something without revealing anything about the statement itself. Initially, StarWare created the StarkEx product, which allowed for decentralized execution and an improvement in scalability. Clients could delegate generating mathematical proofs to the operator, StarCaire, for transactions that require a high volume. StarEx clients also claimed that the technology provided the same levels of security guarantee as Ethereum. However, StarkNet technology surpassed StarkEX with the invention of Cairo, a system for an efficient way to write smart contracts using constraints or “equations” based on polynomials. These equations help to verify or prove a statement for any given context.

Abdelhamid shares a case study, describing Starware’s partnership with Diwali Exchange, which used StarkEx to build a decentralized exchange. This invention reduced the cost of transactions using the same reported levels of security as a centralized exchange. In contrast, StarkNet, powered by Cairo-based constraints, has the potential to expand beyond decentralized exchanges and further reduce the cost of transactions while enhancing security.

Benoît and Abdelhamid also discussed the ongoing Cardano project and its potential impact on the blockchain ecosystem, as well as other prominent blockchain solutions from the leads of the field. They suggest that the blockchain industry is an ever-changing landscape, and its technology will continue to evolve beyond our understanding.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-12-23 20:47:56 | Durée : 01:32:12

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