In this transcription video, CEO and Co-founder of Elrond, Benjamin Mincu, talks about how he became interested in blockchain technology in 2013 when he stumbled across Bitcoin. Benjamin joined the NEM CORE team in 2014 and invested in 30 blockchain startups along with other fascinating architectures in the beginning. He and his brother then decided to form Elrond, a blockchain that can withstand transactions at the internet scale.

Benjamin thinks that simplicity and high efficiency are imperative to making blockchain more successful. The Elrond team built a high bandwidth, low latency financial system that can power the world, and they’re seeing a lot of adoption and exciting experiments. They also developed a simpler and most powerful product called MAYAR, which allows people worldwide to interact with the blockchain ecosystem.

When asked about why Elrond uses Tolkien elements to brand their products, Benjamin stated that it’s because they want a different image than what is often associated with the blockchain space. Elrond is dedicated to doing good, and the Tolkien characters, such as Elrond, represent that spirit.

Overall, Benjamin emphasizes the importance of simplicity and efficiency to help blockchain take off. He believes that by building the most potent products and inviting people worldwide to engage with the application, Elrond can open up this new financial system for anyone to use.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2021-02-12 22:24:33 | Durée : 00:42:01

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