Co-founder of solana blockchain, Anatolia Jakovenko, discusses his background as an engineer at Qualcomm and how he became interested in Bitcoin and crypto in 2017. He then founded Solana with another co-founder, Steven, after realizing that the proof of work puzzle could be slightly tweaked to create a measurement of time. Jakovenko explains the concept of verifiable delay function, which Solana uses to prevent block producers from transmitting blocks at the same time. This allows the system to operate at the speed of a single centralized server with reduced communication and consensus overhead. The cost of Solana depends on the amount of security needed, with 500 validators currently on the network. The network has grown rapidly from 40 validators in March 2020. Jakovenko discusses the potential security of Solana and when it could become as secure as Bitcoin, which is worth 500 billion.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2021-02-14 13:47:31 | Durée : 00:43:41

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