Building on Decentraland: Why Decentral Games Chose the Metaverse

Decentral Games is a gaming platform that has built its flagship game, poker, on the Decentraland open metaverse. The company started building games in the open metaverse back in 2019 and believed that being early would be lucrative. Poker is a simple game, but adding the metaverse aspect makes it more fun and novel. Decentraland was a great option because it’s decentralized in the hosting of content, open-source, and the team has been part of the community since its ICO days in 2017. While the team is keeping its eyes open for other metaverses, they haven’t found a contender yet that allows them to build the games they want to build with custom scripting.

Why Poker?

Poker has been a game that people have enjoyed playing for hundreds of years, and Decentral Games wanted to build a game they don’t have to worry about people knowing the rules or liking the game. Instead, the focus is creating sustainable economies within the game and ways to engage the community and ensure they keep coming back each day to continue playing. The team believes that many games currently in the market are making a big risk because it is entirely novel, but with poker, that risk is mitigated quite a bit.

XC Infinity and Its Future

The interviewer asked Miles about his opinion on XC Infinity and whether it has a future. Miles isn’t super engaged in the act community, but many of Decentral Games’ investors are active, and he trusts their insights. He believes that Sky Mavis’s approach to origin has been interesting, and while they don’t have any token incentives currently, they plan to add them, which is essential since the main critique of XC Infinity has been that the game is not that fun to play, and people are just playing for the farming rewards. However, the fact that they have launched a new game mode, Origin, which has crafting and off-chain assets that people are building and participating in without earning direct token rewards, is a great sign. Miles believes that the team is very capable, and they have a great community.

Hermes Project: From Private Identities to Scalability

Before merging with Polygon, Decentral Games co-founder, Jordi Baylina, and Anthony Martin started the Hermes Project, a spin-off from the project item 3, which was building private identities based on Ethereum blockchain. The team discovered that the zero-knowledge technology they were using to create privacy layers for entities could also be useful for scalability. They stopped developing the identity project and started Hermes, which became a core part of the pivot towards scalability. Now, Polygon and Decentral Games are building Polygon ID, a platform for developers to approach a model where users can get a private environment, and the team can solve the problem of blockchain usability in general. The platform will enable developers to build and reuse identities for many applications.

Final Thoughts

Decentral Games’ decision to build on the Decentraland open metaverse is a great example of being an early adopter in the industry. By building a popular game, poker, the company can focus on creating sustainable economies and engaging the community. While they are keeping an eye out for other metaverses, they have yet to find one that allows them to build the games they want to develop. The team’s insight into XC Infinity and their belief in the team’s capability is a good sign for the future of the project, and the Hermes Project’s pivot towards scalability and private identities is a testament to the importance of adapting to the market’s needs.

Source : Coin Station | Date : 2022-07-28 15:45:00 | Durée : 00:17:52

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