Moonbeam: A Seamless Ethereum Compatible Environment

Moonbeam is a layer one blockchain that aims to provide a seamless Ethereum compatible environment for developers. Kevin, a Developer Relations Engineer at Moonbeam, explains that Moonbeam’s goal is to provide a platform for connected contracts to unite functionality from different blockchains.

Choosing Polkadot

Moonbeam builds on the Polkadot ecosystem, which offers a framework called Substrate for building blockchains. Polkadot also offers a model of shared security, where the security of smaller chains comes from the staked Polkadot tokens on the relay chain.

Dapps on Moonbeam

The biggest dapps currently on Moonbeam are Moonwell, a lending and borrowing protocol, and Stealth Swap, the largest DEX on Moonbeam. In addition to trading, Stealth Swap offers innovative features such as a stable swap and a launchpad.

Future of Moonbeam

Moonbeam’s future lies in connected contracts, enabled through collaboration with Axelar and Nomad. Moonbeam acts as a hub for accessing contracts on various ecosystems outside of Polkadot. There are no plans for a Moonbeam-like platform for other ecosystems, but Moonbeam can be a hub for accessing contracts on these ecosystems.

Source : Coin Station | Date : 2022-08-04 16:30:02 | Durée : 00:13:53

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