Discovering the Ledger Factory in Vierzon, the Heart of France

Ledger, the company known for their hardware wallets, has established their factory in Vierzon, France, where they handle the assembling and shipment of their products to 180 countries worldwide. In this video, we enter the factory and take a behind-the-scenes look at how Ledger creates their hardware wallets, whilst ensuring security.

The Open Space Unit

The open space unit of the factory houses many departments, including the management of internal IT systems that handle the development of back-office tools, the administration of taxes, customs, and logistics, as well as administrative and commercial transactions, computer networks, and support for technical and customer services.

The Production Room

The production room is equipped with anti-static materials, and all equipment is grounded to copper wires with specific conductors. Operators are connected to the building’s ground via anti-static bracelets or shoes when working on electronic components. In this room, they produce mostly Nano S and Nano X, which are then updated, repaired, or prototyped before being assembled and shipped.

Protecting Private Keys

Ledger’s first mission is to protect private keys, which has been the concern of many in the crypto world. The company’s main priority is security, followed by a user-friendly approach, as demonstrated by the Ledger Developers’ Portal. This portal enables developers to code and increase the services available on Ledger hardware wallets, without compromising the high level of security that Ledger provides.

The Packaging Machine

The packaging machine, designed by J Biat News, a company near Dijon, is used to package Ledger’s products in white boxes. It includes an automated clutch that adds a cardboard sleeve, applies adhesive, and pressure before being sent to the labeling machine, which prints certification and other product details in various languages.

Order Sorting Stations

The three order sorting stations sort orders by geographical zone before sending them for shipping to optimize preparation and reduce delivery errors. The laser marking machine creates a precise and quick engraving of the Ledger logo, limited edition products, or partner logos on stainless steel items.

The History of Ledger

Before becoming Ledger, the company was made up of three companies; La Maison du Bitcoin founded by Eric Larchevêque in France, BT Chip, founded by Nicolas Bacca, Olivier Tommasini, and Rados Serus in Vierzon, and Radio Serus, a niche music streaming platform established by Joel Pobeda, Vanessa Rabesandratana, and the narrator of the video.

Radio Serus later became ChronoCoin, a platform for buying and selling bitcoins, where customers could buy a USB stick with a pre-installed wallet, and the amount of bitcoins they purchased would be sent to their wallet.


Visiting the Ledger factory gives us an in-depth look at their focus on security, ease-of-use, and the history of the company. From assembling to packaging and shipping to 180 countries, Ledger maintains its high-quality standards and secures the private keys of their customers.

Source : Cryptoast | Date : 2021-09-22 18:30:04 | Durée : 00:19:39

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