Kyve Network is a platform that takes data from other blockchains like Avalanche, Solana, and Cosmos, and stores them in employment and storage using their Weave technology. Essentially, they act as a logistics provider for data, taking it from the source and transporting it to the warehouse to be used for various purposes. They also provide data treatment which involves repackaging, computing, and extracting data. Kyve provides an SDK for developers to use, which is written in JavaScript, and they can manage their protocol-related activities using a user interface.

Recently, Kyve introduced the protocol governance feature, allowing users to vote on protocol updates and changes to the configuration. They have also introduced a new system where other users can operate the uploading nodes, ensuring the decentralization of the platform.

Kyve’s incentivized test net is scheduled to be released on April 4th, 2022. The platform has created different categories like node operating, software development, community participation, and meme creation, where users can complete tasks and earn points. The platform aims to reward everyone who contributes to the community, from tech enthusiasts to those who prefer community participation.

Kyve’s involvement in the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona has given the team an opportunity to assess and be part of the discussions around Avalanche, a blockchain that seeks to create a platform for multiple use cases.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-03-31 20:00:01 | Durée : 00:08:41

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