Who is Evan Chang?

Evan Chang is the co-founder of Mist and Labs, a company focusing on designing highly scalable smart contract platforms and distributed systems. He had previously worked at Apple for ten years and then over six years at Facebook. He considers himself a “pain in the ass” for constantly challenging the status quo but is always interested in pushing the boundaries in technology.

The Vision of Web 3.0

Evan was drawn towards the crypto world in 2016-17 when he realized that the decentralized ownership and trust model could change products and consumer experiences. He envisioned projects where every application in the world could choose to decentralize aspects of their product, representing a preposterously large scale. He thought about entering the space, but the talent level wasn’t there yet. So, he stayed at Facebook to work on the Libra project.

Mist and Labs

Finally, Evan left Facebook and co-founded Mist and Labs, a company that focuses on designing highly scalable smart contract platforms and distributed systems. Their flagship product, Sooey, is still under development, but Evan and his team have been involved in implementing Narwhal and Tusk on systems like Cello.

Pushing Technology Forward

Evan is interested in pushing technology forward and has done it in the past, impacting the lives of many people. He believes that Mist and Labs can make a significant impact in the smart contract world and is working towards making that vision a reality.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-04-20 15:52:34 | Durée : 00:37:44

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