Title: Introduction to Daniel Matuszewski and CMS Holdings

In this transcription video, we meet Daniel Matuszewski, the founder of CMS Holdings, a leading crypto trading and investment firm. The interview begins with a quick introduction and a recommendation to try out arbitrage and other investments in the crypto world.

Title: Daniel Matuszewski’s Background

The interviewer asks about Daniel’s background and how he ended up in the crypto world. Daniel explains that he started dabbling in crypto as a hobby in 2012-2013 while working as an equity derivatives trader. He made the leap to full-time crypto trading when he saw the potential in the market. In 2013, he joined Kraken and then Circle to help source liquidity for their app. Eventually, he spun off on his own with Cumberland and gained a reputation for being a risk-taker.

Title: CMS Holdings’ Evolution

Daniel explains that CMS Holdings started with a starting capital of $10 million and has since grown to a team of 16 trading and investing experts. Initially, the firm focused on taking risks instead of being delta-neutral. The quote associated with the firm, « Do you want to make money or be right? » comes from the company’s early days during the Bitcoin maximalism period.

Title: CMS Holdings’ Functions

Daniel explains that CMS Holdings has four primary functions. The first is the active trading of liquid assets. The second is a venture book where CMS invests in promising startups in the crypto industry. The third is proprietary trading, where CMS takes risks in other areas that it thinks it has an edge. Finally, the fourth function is providing liquidity for other market participants.

Title: Conclusion

Daniel Matuszewski provides a glimpse into the crypto world with CMS Holdings. He explains his background and how he got into crypto trading. He also discusses CMS Holdings’ evolution and its various functions. While CMS Holdings started small, it has grown into a prominent player in the crypto industry, providing liquidity and risk-taking expertise.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-03-21 12:11:58 | Durée : 00:35:56

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