Axelr: A Cross-Chain Messaging Solution

Axelr is a platform that seeks to solve interoperability problems between multiple blockchain ecosystems, dApps, and users. The goal is to allow composability, liquidity sharing, and information exchange between different blockchain ecosystems. Axelr is essentially an overlay network across different blockchains, with a set of SDKs and APIs on top of it to enable applications to interact and go back and forth.

How Axelr Achieves Cross-Chain Swaps with Different Blockchains

Axelr understands messages in different formats, much like a protocol that allows swaps or smart contracts to be called on different blockchain platforms. Axelr can read information from specific gateways deployed on different chains, and validators manage the flow of information into and out of those accounts or smart contracts. If a message needs to leave a blockchain, it arrives in one of these gateways, where Axelr validators reach a consensus on what needs to be done with the message. The validators cosign the messages, and assuming a majority of them agree on what needs to be done, the message is propagated to the destination chain, executed there, and finalized.

Axelr’s Approach to Cross-Chain Communication

Axelr’s cross-chain communication message protocol expands beyond cross-chain swaps. It enables any dApp to be accessible from any other blockchain, allowing users to call and interact with any dApp even if their tokens are on different blockchains. Axelr helps applications and wallets pass messages from one blockchain to another and translate messages that are in different formats.

Developing on Axelr

Developers do not have to code on Axelr itself. They can code on different smart contract platforms that best suit their application’s needs and then use Axelr’s protocols and SDKs to interact with other ecosystems. Developers can also use Axelr’s gateway contract to talk to other ecosystems or get better distribution for their application.

Axelr’s Frontend

Axelr has recently released Satellite, a frontend built on top of the Axelr protocol that facilitates the sending of wrapped tokens from one ecosystem to another. Users can send coins from a cosmos chain like Terra to a destination chain and get a wrapped version corresponding to it. Satellite makes Axelr usable by any casual DeFi user, offering an intuitive user interface for sending tokens across different blockchains.


Axelr is a cross-chain messaging solution that seeks to bridge multiple blockchain ecosystems, enable liquidity sharing and information exchange. Axelr’s use case expands beyond cross-chain swaps and enables any DApp to be accessible from any other blockchain, making it possible for users to call and interact with any DApp even if their tokens are on different blockchains. Axelr’s Satellite frontend offers an intuitive UI for casual DeFi users to send tokens across different blockchains.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-02-19 10:06:25 | Durée : 00:23:35

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