Holoride: Bringing the Metaverse to Cars

Holoride is the world’s first motion and location aware content platform for cars. The company aims to bring the metaverse to cars, making it possible to synchronize the motion and location of a VR experience with the car’s movement for a super immersive experience. Holoride’s technology provides game studios with the ability to build on this platform.

Working with Audi

Holoride is a spin-out from Audi, and is a minority shareholder in the company. The founders of Holoride convinced Audi’s board of management to spin it out so that the company can remain manufacture-agnostic, and work with any car manufacturer. Holoride’s product has recently gone live in Germany, where customers of Holoride-ready Audi vehicles can use its service for entertainment.

The Metaverse and Holoride’s Perspective

Holoride’s CEO, Niels, believes that the metaverse is the iteration of the web to move into the space, where digital reality meets physical reality to create immersive experiences. For Holoride, the metaverse is not tied to VR, AR, or any specific technology. Instead, it’s the combination of connected devices and products that inform the experiences that create the next reality.

Holoride Crypto and NFTs

Holoride has created its own token, ride, which is the transportation experience token. The company has created the ride token to supercharge its ecosystem – the Motorverse. Holoride uses ride as the only way to acquire items, and today, it announced its first utility for ride. The company will issue its first-ever NFT collection tied to the Holoride original title developed as collaboration with some of the brightest minds in Hollywood. The Skyjack NFT car collection is tied to Holoride’s first launch title and is more than just a collectible. NFT Skyjack holders will be able to access real-world benefits, such as grabbing items starting in January 2022.


Holoride aims to provide its passengers with an immersive experience, bringing the metaverse to cars. The company has partnered with Audi and is creating an ecosystem, the Motorverse, that it’s tying to a new token called ride. Holoride uses ride as a way to acquire items in its ecosystem and has announced the issuance of its first-ever NFT collection.

Source : Coin Station | Date : 2022-12-01 19:27:10 | Durée : 00:07:53

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