D-Bridge founder, Alex Smirnov, talks about their cross-chain interpretability protocol that allows interoperability between different blockchain protocols. The unique feature of the D-Bridge is that it can pass any arbitrary assets and data in one single transaction between any supported blockchain. This enables many opportunities for building various cross-chain applications and primitives such as cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets and compatibility between protocols. The protocol itself consists of two layers – a protocol layer that is represented by the bridge smart contract deployed in every blockchain supported and an infrastructure layer represented by the set of validators who run the D-Bridge node together with the full node of all the blockchains they support.

Communications are guaranteed and secured on the bridge by relying on a set of validators who sign the unique identifier of a transaction using their private keys. Anyone who has private keys from two-thirds of validators can claim this transaction on the destination chain. D-Bridge validators are not just signers of the multisig, but they also bear the financial responsibility and risk for their service. If a validator does something wrong, they will bear the financial loss and get replaced instantly. D-Bridge has just launched on the mainnet one month ago and is working on providing decentralized insurance programs with different protocols to provide insurance coverage for liquidity providers.

D-Bridge can be used in several ways. End-users can utilize different applications built on top of the D-Bridge infrastructure, such as the D-Swap app. D-Swap became the first to solve the problem of arbitrary cross-chain swaps in one single transaction by interconnecting One-inch road or smart contracts in different blockchains through D-Bridge infrastructure. Liquidity from One-inch network is used along with the routing algorithms, and the bridge infrastructure is used as a transportation level.

The D-Bridge team’s goal is to provide a multi-chain future where users can tap into the user bases of other blockchain ecosystems. They want to make it fully composable with existing Defi ecosystems by creating various cross-chain applications and methods such as cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets. D-Bridge protocol is designed to provide decentralized coverage for liquidity providers and minimize their risks. The team aims to provide developers with different kits to play around with, to confirm what they build using the D-Bridge.

Source : Journal du Coin | Date : 2022-03-30 19:08:02 | Durée : 00:16:58

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